Terms and conditions of Airfio

This agreement is between Airfio (company or we) and the persons, person or entity (You or your) using the service or application software (software) delivered by company.

Rights and Obligations

The service offered by company is bound by terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement and you comply these terms and accept the terms.

The software of this agreement is subjected to

a) Your acceptance of the agreement terms

b) User is abiding by the legal compliance of those terms

c) Warrant and represent that

The application is open source and not an account where company or third parties undertake financial custodians or intermediaries of our bitcoins.

Though, applications and services are tested in beta version and currently undergoing feedback procedure. Thus, company doesn’t own guarantee of seamless functionality of the software. You are further advised to use the application at your discretion and must comply to applicable regulations.

However, you must acknowledge protecting your PINs, passwords, private key pairs and other information you require to access software.

Intellectual properties

The company retains complete power, rights and interest on the content mentioned in website, the logo, trademarks and brand including but not limited to (company names), and also variations of the wording of previously published blogs, brands and trademarks.

The users are advised to consider risk associated prior to making any kind of investment decision in ICO and pre-ICO. The whitepaper of a company is for informational purpose only, nor director or any person of company hold any concern to receiver by the virtues of participation in the ICO.

Airfio does not provide or claim to identify probable or uncertain risk factors associated with the company.

All participants and users should make their own decision and do independent evaluation.

The investors or accomplice is advised to cross verify the document and rely upon their own investment, legal and tax representatives and consultants. This is because these matters concerns company and to weigh separately the financial risks, evaluation of company, probable consequences and also facts of this representation.

You must understand the uncertainty, However, investment in company hold considerable risk and may risk to significant or all portion of such investment. Participant should not invest or participate unless they completely understand, be aware and accept the characteristics of the company.

Every participant of company must satisfy with each aspect of company. Though, company doesn’t hold any guarantee on completing the investment purpose Further investment consequence will be considerably different.

You are recommended to choose preferred choice of investment keep their circumstance and financial resources in consideration.

Company (Airfio) has complete right to modify, remove and also to add portion of these terms irrespective of time during or after sale. In a later time, revised version of agreement will be effective and you must comply to rules mentioned. Nonetheless, user will get official public announcement from company on such modification in agreement.

Abiding by and accepting the rules, you are authorized to deal with Airfio.